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Traveling by helicopter usually is provided to rich tourists

Da Nang and other provinces in the Central Vietnam are the tourist attractive destinations because of many clean, blue and beautiful beaches. Besides beach paradise, tourists also can select cruise to enjoy landscapes of islands. The famous islands for tourists are Phu Quoc Island, Con Dao Island and Son Tra Island.

Beautiful beaches of Da Nang

Traveling by cruise and super ship to travel is getting common with tourists. Today, it is easier for tourists to visit the whole beautiful and famous beaches in Da Nang and other provinces in the Central Vietnam by helicopter. This is the luxury service of traveling nowadays. Traveling by helicopter usually is provided to rich tourists. Information of services of Vietnam Helicopter tourism http://vnh.com.vn/en/about-us/operations.php

Vietnam helicopter tourism

Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH operates in the general aviation with many experiences. VNH supplies helicopter lease services such as helicopter tourism, film shooting, photographing, search and rescue, gas and oil exploring and many other services. A full board package of helicopter lease services includes a pilot crew, a modern helicopter, food and drink, a tour guide, a car to travel, photographing, entrance ticket and insurance. To save money when traveling, tourists can gather a group or a family to lease a helicopter together.  

With experience helicopter, tourists can enjoy the miraculous beauty of beaches and blue sky at the high altitude. In addition, they also can view the wonderful landscapes of the cities, the famous architectures of Da Nang City and the famous destinations. Therefore, tourists will have a unique feeling that no one can experience.

Information of services of Vietnam Helicopter Company VNH you can see more are here:
Vietnam helicopter company    http://vnh.com.vn/en/home.php

Vietnam helicopter lease    http://vnh.com.vn/en/services/charter-flights.php
Vietnam helicopter maintenance    http://vnh.com.vn/en/services/technical-services.php
Helicopter training center in Vietnam    http://vnh.com.vn/en/services/training.php

 Source article: http://quangcaochiase.blogspot.com/2013/11/eassier-traveling-by-helicopter-to-beach-paradise-in-the-central-vietnam.html

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